Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man who began bank robbing spree in December becoming increasingly aggressive

35-year-old Marat Mikhaylich is not the most sophisticated thief. Mikhaylich, a Ukrainian immigrant with not prior criminal record, began robbing banks at gunpoint in December. He's left his fingerprints all over notes he's given to tellers, which has allowed the FBI-NYPD to identify him.
In December he robbed four banks in Astoria and Long Island City, two in Brooklyn, and one on Staten Island. Last Sunday he held up not one, but two tellers at a bank in Borough Park because he wasn't satisfied with the amount of cash he got from the first teller. And Wednesday he robbed a bank in Queens.
Police are concerned that he is becoming increasingly aggressive. Adding to the concern is the fact that Mikhaylich uses a gun when committing these robberies. The FBI is offering a "significant" reward for tips that lead to his capture.


  1. Isn't planning to commit a bank robbery a crime?

    I find it so ironic that you decry "law abiding citizen" becomes criminal but can find or post on so few actual "law abiding citizens becoming criminals".

    So, let me as you this:

    There are many parents, especially moms, that were previously law abiding before they killed their children.

    Do you recommend we have background checks before a person can become a parent?

    Mental health evaluations?

    Should there be a limit on the number of children a family can have or have within a certain period?


    So here is a example of what I'm talking about.

    Another law abiding citizen -- do you want to propose the same restrictions on her as you propose for gun owners?