Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Massachusetts man arrested for OUI had loaded gun in car

When 53-year-old Lorenzo Pimentel of Framingham, Massachusetts went to the Ashland Police station to pick up his son who had been detained, police noticed his breath smelled of booze. Pimentel failed several roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for OUI. When police searched his car they found a loaded 9mm Beretta handgun under the driver's seat. Pimentel has a valid license to carry a gun but under Massachusetts law concealed weapons permit holders can only carry a loaded gun in a car if the gun is under their direct control. Pimentel was also charged with carrying a gun while intoxicated and improper storage of a gun.
His lawyer asked that Pimentel be relased without bail, saying her client had no criminal record and has a steady job. Pimentel was released without bail but is prohibited from possessing a gun while the case is pending.


  1. Even if not convicted he'll have his permit revoked under the "Bad Judgement" discretion. And the permit is needed for him to POSSES any guns or ammunition, let alone carry.

    And nobody was hurt. Your point is?

  2. And you conveniently minimize the fact that he endangered more people by driving drunk, don't you?

    You also fail to mention that even if he is convicted of OUI, he will probably have his license restored at some point.

    You also fail to mention that he doesn't seem like the parent of the year does he?

    Why was he at the police station? To pick up his son who was involved in an unarmed robbery....wonder where he learned that skill, eh.

    Then there is this little gem:
    One of the teens, a 13-year-old boy, had marijuana on him, Sahrbeck said. Police allowed him to call a parent for a ride instead of arresting him.

    Wonder where the 13 year old got a prohibited substance like marijuana? Could it have been dad's?


    Once again we see that your "law abiding citizen" is far from it. Yet this is the example you want to use to smear the rest of gun owners.

    Shouldn't we consider the reverse to be true. You are a car owner...isn't he one of yours.

    Are you a parent, could he be just like you?

  3. Joyce Foundation only pays him to look at SOME of the story.

  4. Weer'd,

    Do you notice Oh Shoot seldom has an answer for the comments or points that we raise in the comments?

    It is almost as if (s)he hopes that no one looks past the surface accusations.

  5. Joyce Foundation just pays him to post the stories, not to defend the thin veneer of logic to the accusations.

    Its not like people actually support gun control, they do it to get their beak wet!