Friday, December 2, 2011

Teen goes on shooting rampage with legally owned AK-47

18-year-old David Penney of St. Cloud, Florida is an angry young man. According to police Penney left a six-page letter expressing rage at the world and himself, dressed in military fatigues, combat boots, a tactical vest for carrying multiple ammunition magazines, picked up two AK-47s, more than 100 rounds of ammunition and drove to a friend's home. He was upset over a car crash that had damaged his vehicle in September. Penney stood in the street and emptied several 30-round magazines into the home. Fortunately, no one was injured.
Police soon arrived on the scene and Penney started shooting at the officers. Both of the officers sustained injuries, one was shot in the foot, the other was hit in the face with flying glass when a round came through the windshield. But according to the St. Cloud police chief, the quick actions on the part of his officers forced Penney to retreat and ultimately, he shot himself.
Penney shot himself in the chin and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital but he is expected to survive.
Classmates said Penney was really into guns and war. A police officer who worked at Penney's school described the youth as very reserved, expect when he was discussing his fascination with firearms. In addition to the note found in his room police also found a drum magazine for an AK-47 loaded with an many an 100 rounds.
According to police, Penney owned the guns legally and has no criminal record. It is legal under federal law and Florida state law for an 18-year-old to purchase an AK-47. There is no licensing requirement, no registration requirement, nor is there a waiting period.
"On occasion, these strained young men, as far as where they are with their mental state, have the ability to purchase these guns," said the police chief.
"It could have been much much worse," he continued. "It could have been involving a neighborhood. It could have been involving a school. It could have been involving a shopping center or something way off the charts."


  1. That same law abiding teen -- nice how they are still "teens" even though he is a legal adult -- has the ability to purchase:


    Diesel Fuel & Fertilizer

    Ammonia and Chlorine

    And on and on.

    Many things can be used to harm others -- are you going to ban everything?


    So what is your point in bringing us these very few news stories?

    To slander the law abiding people who didn't do something wrong?

    Hey, some where a man (I presume) like you abused a child -- should you be considered the next possible child abuser?

  2. Good grief, Bob. The point is that 18 yr. olds should not be legally allowed to buy AK 47s anywhere. Yes, they can buy bomb making materials as well but until those are combined to actually make the bomb, they are not inherently dangerous or designed to kill.

  3. Japete

    Both of my sons were Marines at 18. Neither of them used an AK-47 in a crime -- why do you feel it is right to punish them for crimes of someone else?

    What other rights do you feel we should deny 18 year olds?

    The right to vote?
    To serve on a jury?
    To marry?

  4. I have my doubts that it was an actual AK-47. I have a feeling that the news is just being retarded and classifying a semi automatic rifle with a pistol grip as an "AK-47" because it sounds scary and people know what it is.

    Could be wrong.... Probably not.

  5. ThePetey - Watch the video here entitled Police Chief Speaks About Shooting -
    He identifies the guns as AK-47s.