Friday, June 28, 2013

Two licensed gun dealers sent to prison

60-year-old Randolph Rodman, of Maryland, and 59-year-old Idan Greenberg, of Arizona, have been sentenced for their roles in an illegal machine-gun manufacturing and sales operation.  Rodman was sentenced to prison for 121 months and Greenberg was sentenced for 33 months by a U.S. District Court judge.  Both were licensed firearm dealers.
Rodman, Greenberg and four other licensed dealers were charged with conspiring to make newly manufactured machine guns in violation of the 1986 ban. They were also charged with transferring the guns using paperwork for different firearms.
Greenberg was found guilty of conspiracy, illegal possession of a machine gun, and receipt and possession of a firearm made in violation of the National Firearms Act.
Rodman was found guilty of 22 charges, including conspiracy, the manufacturing, possession, receipt and transfer of machine guns in violation of the act, and making false entries on applications and records.

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