Thursday, November 7, 2013

Man fires gun over parking dispute at Home Depot

The confrontation in the Home Depot parking lot in Tampa, Florida began when 35-year-old Raymond Lindstrom pulled out of his parking space. As he was exiting the parking lot, he drove near a minivan being driven by Latasha Strong. The two vehicles were very close to each other and the drivers exchanged words through their open windows.

At that point, Latasha's husband, 27-year-old Darrell Strong pulled up in another car with this friend, John Christian. Strong and Christian got out of the car and went to confront Lindstrom. Lindstrom remained in his truck but pulled out a gun and pointed it at the two men.

Strong and Christian tried to take the gun from Lindstrom but Lindstrom drove away.

Then Strong ran back to his car and got his gun. As Lindstrom drove by, Strong fired two shots at his truck.

The bullets missed Lindstrom's vehicle and instead hit an unoccupied Toyota Corrolla, knocking out the back and side windows.

Police estimate there were about a dozen people between Strong and Linstrom's truck when the shots were fired.

Strong was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm in public and aggravated assault with a firearm

Police added that both Strong and Linstrom have concealed weapons permits.

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