Monday, January 27, 2014

Man shoots and kills new neighbor

62-year-old Rodney Black, of Barboursville, West Virginia told police that he saw two men "shaking the door on his tool shed in his backyard."  So he "reached and got his .243 and loaded the gun and pointed the gun out of his window and then shot the first male and then pulled the bolt action back and fired another shot and hit the other male."

The two men, 60-year-old Garrick Hopkins and his brother, 61-year-old Carl Hopkins, Jr., died of their injuries.

But the shed in question was on Hopkins' property and contained nothing that belonged to Black.

Hopkins had recently purchased the property next to Black's.  The brothers were there to look over the property and examine plans for a new house.

According to police, Black "did not warn them nor did he call 911 when he saw them" but just got his gun and shot the men.  Black also told police that "no first aid was given after the incident."

Black was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Police seized a large number of weapons and ammunition from inside Black's home.

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