Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Man in jail for pointing loaded shotgun at wife's head

47-year-old Michael Leiner of East Hampton, Connecticut is in jail, held on $500,000 bond. Judge Morgan reminded Leiner that "the reason you're in the system right now is because you put a shotgun to your wife's head and threatened to shoot her."
Leiner is a law abiding citizen with no prior convictions. He became upset with his wife over a financial matter, went into his basement and got his shotgun. Leiner then allegedly cocked the shotgun and aimed it at his wife's head.
His wife was able to talk her way out of the home. When police arrived and searched the home they found the loaded shotgun with an active shell in the chamber.

1 comment:

  1. And would you feel better if he had threatened her with a knife?
    A Noose? A baseball bat?

    The issue is domestic violence -- not the tool.

    Why not focus on changing the factors (poverty, education, communication) that lead to the domestic violence instead of the tool?