Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Man shoots driver after fender bender

73-year-old Charles Dunbar and 34-year-old Stacy Stautzenburger got into a minor fender bender on Texas 71 Eastbound in Austin. The two cars pulled off to the side of the road and the drivers got out to talk. Stautzenburger did not have his proof of insurance with him and called his wife to have her bring it. He then got back into his car. Dunbar followed him to the driver's window and warned him not to leave, to wait until the police showed up.
At some point Dunbar pulled out his .32-caliber Beretta Tomcat handgun. (Dunbar says he pulled out his gun because Stautzenburger was trying to leave. Stautzenburger says he was trying to leave because Dunbar pulled out a gun.) As Stautzenburger's car started to move, Dunbar shot him.
Dunbar has a concealed weapons permit and is a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. He told the police he brings the handgun with him for protection when he goes to Austin.
According to his statement, Dunbar said that he pulled the trigger in order to stop Stautzenburger, but that he was not intending to kill him. He also stated that he was afraid Stautzenburger was going to run him over. However, investigators say in court documents that there was no way the car could have run him over while Dunbar was standing in the position he claimed to be.
Stautzenburger was shot in the neck. He was treated at a nearby hospital and released.

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