Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man sentenced to three months in jail for snow rage incident

26-year-old Eddie Lee Simmons "snapped" when he looked out his Bensalem, Pennsylvania window last January and saw a snowblower operator burying his car under a pile of snow. Simmons, a law abiding citizen who had excelled at college and had no criminal record, had just moved from North Carolina and parked his car late the night before in a tow-away zone, making snow removal difficult. When he saw his car being covered with snow, he grabbed a handgun, ran outside and pointed it at the snowblower operator saying, "Somebody had better move this snow, or somebody's going to get shot."
Simmons recently pleaded guilty to eight misdemeanors, including simple assault, terroristic threats, possession of an instrument of crime and carrying a firearm without a license. He told the judge he was "very embarrassed and ashamed."

1 comment:

  1. And your point is?

    He was so out of control that he shot the driver?

    Oh wait that didn't happen.

    He was the only person in the world to ever 'snap' and make a death threat?

    Oh, wait. that isn't the case.

    That gun owners are the only people with anger management issues?

    Oh, wait. That isn't the case.

    Why not address the root problem -- a willingness to use violence instead of focusing on the tool?