Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coroner confirms all three young children died from a single gunshot to the head

31-year-old Alan Atwater of Oak Harbor, Ohio called 911 telling them, "There's been a terrible accident at my house. My wife and three children are dead. Gunshot wound, and I'm getting ready to kill myself right now." Before hanging up, Atwater admitted that he was the one who had shot the four people. The police arrived minutes later, but Atwater had already turned a gun on himself.
Atwater, a law abiding citizen, with no criminal history shot his 30-year-old wife, Dawn and their three children, Ashley, age 4, Isaac, age 2, and Brady, age 1, once each in the head. Their bodies, along with that of Atwater, were found in the upstairs bedroom. Autopsies confirm that both a shotgun and a .22-caliber rifle were used.
"I can't believe this happened," said Atwater's grandmother, "We don't know what went on. He said they had marital problems, but we all have marital problems."

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  1. Going to keep at this -- what law, regulation or rule would stop an otherwise law abiding person from committing a crime?

    It really is a simple question.

    So how about it. What is going to stop people from killing?

    I also notice that you don't talk about the marital problems. Surely addressing that issue would resolve more violence problems then trying to address gun control.

    So, what is a more common sense approach?