Sunday, June 26, 2011

California man shoots and kills two before turning the gun on himself

54-year-old Napoleon Caliguiran, of San Jose, California, shot and killed his wife, 25-year-old Cyndy Caliguiran and her friend, 26-year-old Kyle Williams as the two sat in a car in a parking garage on the campus of San Jose State University. Caliguiran then turned the gun on himself. All three died of their injuries.
Cyndy and Kyle were both honor students who were about to graduate with accounting degrees from SJSU. They were both members of Beta Alpha Psi, an honors organization for accounting students.
Police haven't determined a motive for the shooting but did say that the couple has no known history of domestic violence and that Caliguiran had no known criminal record.
According to Caliguiran's former brother-in-law, "I dropped my jaw and felt sick to my stomach. I cannot even believe he could pick up a gun and shoot somebody. This guy is not a monster. He's a nice guy."


  1. Hey, why don't you just outlaw jealous or cheating on your spouse?

    So out of hundreds of millions of people; how do you stop the less than 15,000 that use a firearm to commit murder?

    Unless your goal is the elimination of private firearm ownership, you really can't can you?

    Given how this was in California; Brady Campaign's #1 state for gun control laws; what additional law would stop something like this?

  2. Bob, you sound like a broken record. The fact is gun control DOES NOT EXIST in the U.S., and you very well know it. The mish-mash of laws which are so easily circumvented makes it so.

    I see your paranoia has not decreased. No one wants to take your guns away. Get over it. Stop making stuff up and then arguing against that stuff as if we actually said it.

  3. Mikeb302000,

    Pot are you calling me a kettle?
    Your entire blog is nothing but a news article and a call for gun control/ban.

    Actually you in your very on words have said you are "anti-gun" did you not?

    So if you don't mean to take all firearms away, what does 'anti-gun' mean Sparky?

    Now how about answering the questions that I asked in my comments, eh Sparky?

    How do you stop the people who decide to murder?

    Given that this crime did happen in a state that has most of the Brady Campaign's recommended laws; what additional law would stop it?

    By the way, please explain exactly, in detail, how someone willing to murder their spouse will be stopped by a 'gun control law'?

    Isn't that lacking in common sense to suggest that someone willing to break some of society strongest prohibitions will be stopped by a law requiring them to submit to a background check/finger prints/all sales through an FFL?

    Ohh Shoot, you can answer the questions also.

  4. By the way Mikeb302000,

    Are you ever going to come clean about your illegal ownership of firearms?

    I would really be interested in knowing what laws you broke, what laws would have stopped you, etc.

    The statute of limitations has expired on those crimes -- unless you murdered someone-- so you have nothing to fear by telling the truth behind your illegal ownership of firearms.

    You said you were going to come clean months ago. Guess you aren't a man of your word