Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long Island Man Charged with Killing Four People

33-year-old David Laffer of Medford, NY is an Army vet with no criminal record and a valid permit from New York state to possess a .45-caliber handgun. Laffer and his wife, Melinda Brady have been arrested and charged in connection with Sunday's execution-style murders at a Long Island pharmacy that left four people dead. Laffer was charged with first-degree murder and resisting arrest. Brady was charged with third-degree robbery and obstructing governmental administration. She allegedly drove the getaway car.
During the holdup four people were shot at close range without apparent provocation. Killed were pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, 45, store clerk Jennifer Mejia, 17, and two customers, Bryon Sheffield, 71, and Jamie Taccetta, 33. The killer left with a backpack full of prescription pain medication.
A neighbor described Laffer as "a great kid. I don't know what happened. You couldn't ask for better neighbors. I just can't believe it. I cannot say anything better about the family."
A teammate from Laffer's floor hockey league said, "He was a good guy, quiet, not somebody you would expect to do what they say he did. Probably everybody's telling you the same thing."


  1. Yet another incident that I'll bet won't work out as you claim.

    Police said Monday that the the gunman in the Father's Day pharmacy shooting that killed four people in suburban Long Island, N.Y. was after painkillers.

    Read more:

    Now do you think that is likely he was addicted to pain killers?

    I do.

    Do you think it is likely that he was either purchasing pain killers illegally or stealing them before getting desperate enough to rob a pharmacy?

    I do.

    And again here is another issue where you fail to address the root cause in you obsession with firearms.

    Drug abuse.

    Why not solve that problem then you reduce the firearm violence associated with it AND you don't infringe on the rights of those who haven't committed a crime.

  2. And what do you know:

    Both were high on drugs when they were arrested, police said.

    Now it is POSSIBLE that the murderer hadn't done drugs until after the robbery, but how likely is that?

    Will you admit that the murderer wasn't 'a law abiding citizen'?

  3. Look at the name of the blog Bob, it’s a question – "a law abiding citizen?" It is in response to the incessant claim by the gun lobby that gun laws only restrict law abiding citizens. Every story on this blog is about someone who had no criminal record and could therefore go into any gun store and buy any weapon. So according to the gun lobby doesn’t that mean they were all law abiding citizens?
    And as far as David Laffer is concerned – he was high on drugs but you don’t know what kind of drugs or where he got them. Maybe he had a prescription for hydrocodone but wanted more, lots more. So he took his handgun – which he legally owned because he had no criminal record – and committed what the D.A. describes as “the most cold-blooded robbery-homicide in Suffolk County history.”

  4. Ohh Shoot,

    Now you lie again.

    Every story on this blog is about someone who had no criminal record and could therefore go into any gun store and buy any weapon.

    Form 4473 ask -- under penalty of law -- if the purchaser is a drug user/addicted to illegal drugs.

    In this case the murderer would not have been able to LEGALLY a firearm.

    So once again, you flat out lie.

    You also lie by omission -- leaving out the fact that the murderer was probably illegally using drugs.

    Certainly not a "law abiding citizen" if that is the case, right?