Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hance purchased gun from pawn shop five days before killings

51-year-old Michael Hance of Copley Township, Ohio purchased one of the two guns he used in a shooting spree, a .45-caliber handgun, at a pawn shop in Barberton, OH five days before going on a shooting rampage. Because Hance had no criminal record he easily passed the criminal background check and took immediate possession of the gun. A dispute between Hance and his longtime girlfriend, Becky Dieter, over the home where they lived apparently led to the shootings. Hance killed seven people before being shot and killed by police.
Autopsy reports show six of the seven victims died from gunshot wounds to the head. Hance's neighbor, 67-year-old Russell Johnson, died from gunshot wounds to the head and chest. He was also shot twice in the buttocks.
Russell's wife, 64-year-old Gerdie Johnson, died from a single gunshot to the head. She was shot four times.
The couple's son, 44-year-old Bryan Johnson, was killed by multiple gunshot wounds to his head. He was shot five times.
Bryan's daughter, 16-year-old Autumn Johnson, died from gunshot wounds to the chest, neck, and extremities.
Autumn's friend, 16-year-old Amelia Shambaugh, died from a single gunshot wound to the head. She was also shot in the leg. The two teenagers were killed while sitting in a car in the Johnson's driveway.
51-year-old Craig Dieter, brother of Hance's girlfriend Becky, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head.
Craig's 11-year-old son Scott was reportedly hunted down by Hance. Scott died of a single gunshot to the head.
Becky Dieter was shot several times but survived. She remains in a local hospital where she is recovering from her injuries.


  1. Okay -- so what law that you recommend would have stopped or prevented this?

    He passed a National Background check.
    He --at this time -- does not appear to have been disqualified due to mental illness.

    He -- at this time -- does not appear to be an addict or user of illegal drugs.

    Waiting period -- he purchased the handgun 5 days prior to the shooting. Most anti-rights advocates call for a 3 days waiting period right?

    Is there any indication that had he had to wait 5, 7, 11 etc that this shooting would not have occurred?

    In fact, is there any evidence at all to suggest that gun control laws have been effective in controlling crime?

    I'll give you a hint:

    During 2000--2002, the Task Force on Community Preventive Services (the Task Force), an independent nonfederal task force, conducted a systematic review of scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of firearms laws in preventing violence, including violent crimes, suicide, and unintentional injury. The following laws were evaluated: bans on specified firearms or ammunition, restrictions on firearm acquisition, waiting periods for firearm acquisition, firearm registration and licensing of firearm owners, "shall issue" concealed weapon carry laws, child access prevention laws, zero tolerance laws for firearms in schools, and combinations of firearms laws. The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes. (Note that insufficient evidence to determine effectiveness should not be interpreted as evidence of ineffectiveness.) This report briefly describes how the reviews were conducted, summarizes the Task Force findings, and provides information regarding needs for future research.

    If there was evidence....then the CDC wouldn't have determined there was INSUFFICIENT evidence now would they?

  2. Well this is a different question but you still avoid it.

    Is there any evidence that gun control laws are effective at controlling crime?

    And I'll repeat an old one just to stay consistent.

    Other than completely banning ownership of firearms...what law would have prevented a person like this from committing murder --with a firearm or without?

  3. Saddest thing to do purchasing guns from pawn shop to use in killing. There should be a background check like psychological test before allowing them to purchase guns. As much as possible strict compliance is necessary.

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