Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man sentenced to life in prison for double-murder

53-year-old Saul Moreno was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, as well as 102 years to life in prison for the murders of 55-year-old Alan Bohnhoff and 31-year-old Jamie Sanchez. The judge in the case said he was "astonished to see a man with no previous criminal record responsible for such a senseless killing."
Moreno worked with Bohnhoff and Sanchez at a lumber yard in Vernon, California. He was passed over for a promotion in 2006 when Sanchez was promoted. Moreno felt not only that he deserved the promotion but that he was being assigned work that should have been given to Sanchez.
On the morning of May 18, 2009, Moreno showed up for work with a .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun. According to court transcripts Moreno made a comment to the effect of "things are going to change, I'm not the same man today," and then shot Bohnhooff and Sanchez to death. He was initially charged with attempted murder because he allegedly tried to shoot Bohnhoff's son but failed because his gun jammed. A judge dismissed the charge.
Moreno was heard talking about shooting Bohnhoff and his son months before the killing. Records indicate that the reason Moreno was not promoted was "he had a problem getting along with other coworkers and customers. He wasn't a people person."

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  1. The judge in the case said he was "astonished to see a man with no previous criminal record responsible for such a senseless killing."

    Why was the judge "astonished"?

    Really I doubt you'll answer so I'll do it for you --- because it is a relative rarity isn't it?

    You have been doing this for 9 months and you've only highlighted 29 "law abiding citizens?".

    He had been taken back numerous time after lengthy and unexplained absences.

    "You seemed to feel entitled to a promotion, when you probably should have been fired long ago," Cowell told Moreno. "You were fortunate to have any job at all, let alone one where you were treated with such compassion."

    Sounds more like you should be blaming the entitlement mentality that so many people have today.

    The judge further said he believed that if a police officer didn't happen to be nearby at the time of the shooting, more people may have died.

    So the reason more people weren't killed was that someone brought a firearm to the scene?

    Is that what I'm reading?

    And your solution to the problem of murder is to make it harder for people to keep and bear arms.

    Now you can't have it both ways.

    If so many "law abiding citizens" are snapping and killing people, shouldn't I have nearly unfettered right to keep and bear arms?