Thursday, May 3, 2012

Anti-illegal Immigrant Extremist Kills 3 Generations of Women Before Killing Himself

39-year-old J.T. Ready, of Gilbert, Arizona, was a well-known anti-illegal immigrant extremist. He was one of the founders of the U.S. Border Guard, a fringe militia group that took it upon themselves to hunt undocumented immigrants and drug gangs in the Arizona desert. He had also been a member of the Minutemen Project, the Maricopa County GOP Precint Committee, had run for Mesa City Council and was running for Pinal County sheriff.
But the Southern Poverty Law Center called Ready an "outright Neo-Nazi" who advocated using deadly force on the border. And he was described as "cruel and controlling" by someone who knew him.
On Wednesday, Ready shot and killed his girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, her daughter, Amber, Amber's boyfriend Jim Hiott, and Amber's 16-month-old daughter Lilly. He then turned the gun on himself.
Lisa's 19-year-old daughter was in the house and heard the gunfire but was not wounded. Reports said she either survived the spree or was the person who discovered the bloodbath.
Even though Ready had been arrested several times and was court-martialed twice while in the Marines, none of the charges put him a category that prohibited him from legally possessing firearms.

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