Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drunk, armed Eastern Wash U. student pulls gun on police

21-year-old Chandler Gayton, of Cheney, Washington, was out drinking at Eagle's Pub. Police were called on a report of a fight where a suspect had reportedly pulled a gun. When police arrived they found Gayton outside, urinating on a wall. They told him to stop, at which point he allegedly turned around and pulled a loaded 9mm handgun out of his pocket.
After some tense moments, police were able to get Gayton to comply with their demands to drop the gun and lay down on the ground. He was then arrested and charged with intimidation with a weapon and possession of a firearm in a controlled place.
Gayton has a concealed weapons permit however, under Washington law it is illegal to have a firearm in a bar.
Gayton is a student at Eastern Washington University and a defensive back on the EWU football team. As a result of this incident he has been kicked off the football team and suspended from the university. The university will decide if he can continue to attend classes at a code of conduct hearing.

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  1. Those gun guys who argue so loudly for guns in colleges should take note that, minus the gun, this isn't an uncommon scene in college towns.